Vanceboro Farm Life


Can you believe how quickly the 2013-2014 school year is flying by? Our staff at Vanceboro Farm Life is so proud of all the hard work that is occurring each day in the classroom. There have been many new initiatives implemented this school year. First, our school has introduced a Balanced Literacy approach in our classrooms. Our teachers are working hard on helping students select “just right books” on each student’s reading level. Every day, our teachers spend time during their reading block working with students on whole classroom instruction, small group instruction, and independent reading. During independent reading, teachers are conferencing with individual students to work on their reading and comprehension skills.

Another new implementation at Vanceboro Farm Life is our intervention block. Every day, all classrooms in a grade level are broken into various groups to address small group needs. For some students, this time is used as an enrichment activity to expand on the students’ learning. For other students, this intervention group is used to specifically target students’ weaknesses.

Our teachers are working hard to implement the Common Core. This curriculum is extremely rigorous and we are adjusting constantly in our delivery of the content to ensure the success of all students. It is extremely important that every parent/guardian stays active in their child’s education. Please ensure your child completes all homework and that you read to your child every night.

Our community is extremely active in our school. We are lucky to have such a caring and compassionate community. However, we still need more volunteers and tutors to address our students’ needs. If you are willing to work in a teacher’s classroom either through tutoring students or assisting with administrative duties, please call the school to see how you can volunteer.

Our staff is dedicated to every student and their profession. We are constantly addressing our weaknesses and our goal is for every student to grow intellectually and socially. Will you please partner with Vanceboro Farm Life’s staff to serve your child and this community?


Jonathan Tribula