Havelock Elementary

Dear Havelock Elementary Parents:

In 2012-13, North Carolina public schools began using a new Standard Course of Study, new student assessments and a new school accountability system. Together these three things have raised standards in a significant way. As a result, students are expected to master more rigorous material than in the past. The assessment results and school accountability results show lower numbers of students scoring at the proficient level or better because the requirements are more difficult to meet. For 2012-13 individual student scores will not count in their grades or placement. Also, no school grades or designations are being made as a result of these first-year scores.

In this school report card you will find contact information; school and class/course sizes; student performance data (performance and disaggregated performance); teacher qualifications and credentials; statistics on instructional resources (books and computers); and school safety figures.

This Report Card provides excellent information, but is not a complete profile of our school in that we have so much more to offer. Havelock Elementary School's mission is to be the highest performing elementary school where all students are engaged in 21st Century learning experiences. We work to accomplish this mission by providing our students with hands on experiences in our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) lab. We also offer intervention to our at risk students with the newly added intervention program called Leveled Literacy Intervention. We showcase the diversity we have at our school with integration throughout the curriculum and programs such as International/Cultural Nights and much more.

Thank you for reviewing this information. Tips for better understanding and using this Report Card are available online at the NC School Report Cards website http://www.ncreportcards.org. You can also contact me if you have any additional questions.


Ashley Faulkenberry