History of GAB

Did you know the first principal of Graham A. Barden Elementary school was Arthur Edwards?

Not only that, but since Havelock was so far from New Bern Mr. Edwards was the acting superintendant for the Havelock area and his office was located in Graham A. Barden.  Later he became the principal of West Havelock which is now Arthur Edwards Elementary.

Graham A. Barden Elementary School was built in 1953 and was one of the first schools in Havelock!  Our school was named after Graham Arthur Barden (Now you know the answer to our Poll.) Graham A. Barden was a Democratic U.S. Congressman from North Carolina between 1935 and 1961.After leaving the Navy in 1919, Barden attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1920. After briefly practicing law and teaching high school that same year, he became a judge in the Craven County courts, a post he held until 1924.

In 1932, Barden was elected to the North Carolina House of Representatives; two years later, he won the first of thirteen consecutive terms in the United States House. During the 78th and 79th Congresses, he chaired the House Education Committee; after that committee merged to become the Education and Labor Committee. He chose not to stand for re-election in 1960 and died in New Bern, North Carolina in 1967.

After much planning and hard work an addition to the Graham A. Barden building was completed in April of 2000.  This addition contained a new front office, other adjoining offices, and a new media center!  The principal, the school secretaries, the counselor and the nurse all moved into the new addition in April of 2000 and the following month students began using the new media center!  This was a welcome addition that has served the school well for 10 years!


Graham Arthur Barden at the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress




Our Community

Graham A. Barden Elementary School is surrounded by a magnificent, diverse and fascinating community.  Our school serves citizens from Havelock and Cherry Point, both of whom we are pleased and honored to serve.

According to Census data, Havelock is the second most populated city in Craven, Pamlico, and Carteret County. As the 25th populous city in the state, the city hosts roughly 22,442 residents.

Havelock is a growing community that is dedicated to supporting the mission of Cherry Point, while striving for organized growth and development.

The official population of Havelock in 1950 was 100. The population in 1965 was about 3,500. Many of the city's current residents are associated with the neighboring community of the Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station.

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