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Chrissy French

 Kimberley Heist

Keasa Ouzts

Stephanie Warren





Penny Williams

~Mrs. French's TA~

Jennifer Barrow

~Mrs. Heist's TA~

Kim Jones

~Mrs. Ouzts' TA~



First Grade Mission Statement
It is the mission of the First Grade Team to develop and implement strategies to ensure that all students are successful at or above first grade level in preparation for subsequent school years.

Dear Parents,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome your child to first grade for the 2015-2016 school year. We look forward to an exciting year filled with many opportunities for learning. The children will be involved in cooperative groups and learning centers as well as other instructional groups designed to meet the needs of every student.

By working together, we can make this a rewarding and successful school year!

The First Grade Team


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First Grade Supply List

2 boxes of 24 crayons

24 #2 pencils

1 highlighter

1 pack of dry erase markers

2 packs of pencil top erasers

2 ~ 5”x8” plastic pencil boxes

1 pair of blunt tipped scissors

15 glue sticks

3 marbled composition notebooks (not spiral)

1 large box of tissues


The following items are frequently used in the classroom at the teacher's expense. If you would like to contribute an item or two, it would be greatly appreciated!

Wish list:

Ziploc Baggies: We are always in desperate need of these. Whatever you can contribute would be greatly appreciated! Girls: 1 box of snack size and 1 box of gallon size Boys: 1 box of sandwich size and 1 box of quart size

sidewalk chalk - liquid soap - hand sanitizer - extra boxes of tissues

Band-aids - real paper towels that absorb - Clorox wipes - colored copy paper

cotton balls - extra Ziploc bags - popsicle sticks - baby wipes

Happy Meal toys for treasure chest - Napkins (single ply) - Emergency Snacks (Goldfish, animal crackers, etc.)

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