Students & Parents

Craven County Schools is fortunate to be surrounded by supportive community leaders and citizens that want the very best for all of our schools. We are pleased to share with you that CCS achieved the lowest drop-out rate ever recorded and our graduation cohort rate is the highest it has ever been. Our students also continue to “score” above the state average in every area tested. With your help, we can continue to achieve performance excellence in the Craven County School System!

Core Values

“When the spirit of people is strong, focused, and vibrant, wonderful things happen.” ~Harrison Owen

  • Learning-Centered Education
  • Organizational and Personal Learning
  • Valuing Workforce Members and Partners
  • Agility
  • Focus on the Future
  • Managing for Innovation
  • Management by Fact
  • Societal Responsibility
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Focus on Results and Creating Value
  • Systems Perspective
  • Fiscal Responsibility

Strategic Directions

Successful Students

Safe & Inviting Learning & Work Environment

21st Century Professionals

School-Family-Community Connections

Effective & Efficient Operations



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