Exceptional Children Program

Craven County Schools provides comprehensive programs and services for children with special needs ages 3 through 21. The term “children with special needs” includes, without limitation, all children who, because of temporary mental, physical, or emotional disabilities:

  • need special education, which is specially designed instruction to meet the unique needs of the exceptional child and may include classroom instruction, home instruction, instruction in hospitals and instruction in residential facilities.
  • are unable to have all their educational needs met in a regular classroom without special education or related services.
  • are unable to be adequately educated in the public schools.

Exceptional Children Areas of Eligibility:

  • autism
  • serious emotionally disabled
  • deaf
  • deaf-blind
  • hearing impaired
  • intellectually disabled
  • multi-handicapped
  • orthopedically impaired
  • other health impaired
  • specific learning disabled
  • speech-language impaired
  • traumatic brain injured
  • visually impaired
  • developmentally delayed

Preschool children with disabilities includes all three and four year old children and those five year old children who are ineligible for kindergarten and who because of permanent or temporary cognitive communication, social/emotional and/or adaptive disabilities are unable to have all of their developmental needs met in a natural environment without special education and related services. Preschool children with disabilities become eligible for services upon reaching their third birthday.

Related Services Include:


Other support services and aids may include:

  • Visually impaired
  • Hearing impaired
  • Job Coaching
  • Assistive Technology
  • Audiology
  • Braillers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Large Print and Auditory Textbooks
  • Special Equipment
  • Modified Diets
  • Classroom and Test Modifications

Approximately 1800 students are served in the various programs in Craven County Schools. Each child receives an education designed to meet the child’s own needs. Parents are encouraged to actively participate in educational decisions about their children. For more information, check out the following websites:


Websites for Reading and Activities:

Exceptional Children’s Department
phone: 252-514-6310
fax: 252-514-6340

Lynn Hardison, Director

Neshawn Dawson, Assistant Director

Lisa Kemp, EC Preschool Coordinator

Seante Johnson, EC Bookkeeper

Suzanne Bogle, Lead Psychologist
Shelly Howell, Lead Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)
Roxanne Ank, Lead Occupational Therapist (OT)
Becky Serck, Lead Physical Therapist (PT)
Elizabeth Privette, Hearing Impaired (HI)
Wendy Barber, Visually Impaired (VI)