K-12 Education


Craven County Schools Secondary Support Staff will assist teachers as they rigorously challenge all students to graduate from high school and be globally competitive for post-secondary education, work, and life in the 21st century.


  • Coach teachers in current pedagogy.
  • Provide content expertise, relevant activities and resources to enhance the learning environment.


Craven County High Schools are committed to providing a learning environment in which all students are challenged to excel in a rigorous and relevant curriculum while providing the support each student needs to be successful, to graduate from high school and to be prepared to enter college or the workforce.   Programs are also offered to meet students’ needs and interests and to allow for acceleration.

A variety of instructional strategies are implemented to involve students in the educational process and to provide them opportunities to reach their maximum potential.  Various types of assessments are used to inform both instructional and intervention decisions and to evaluate knowledge.

Teachers receive high quality professional development and are supported by our Learning Systems Coaches.

Instructional Strategies:

  • Cooperative Learning Teams
  • 1-1 laptop initiatives
  • Project Based Learning
  • Wikis
  • Blogs
  • Moodles
  • Interactive notebooks
  • Writer’s Workshop

Support Systems:

Every student has the opportunity to receive extra help during the school day in the seminar block and after school.  These interventions help students be successful and assist them in reaching their academic goals.  Many students also have access to computer-based programs such as Accelerated Math, Fast ForWord and USA Test Prep.  Each high school also offers review sessions for the SAT.

Acceleration Opportunities:

  • Advanced Placement classes
  • North Carolina Virtual Public School
  • UNCG-iSchool
  • Learn and Earn Online
  • Huskins
  • Dual Enrollment


Dr. Cheryl F. Wilson, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

Deborah Langhans, Director of Secondary Education

Rennie Lee, Director of Middle School Education                                                                              252.514.6354

Tammy Cullom, Director of Elementary Education