AP Leadership Academy (LEAP)

HRS has developed a new Leadership Academy for assistant principals in the district.  The Leaders Executive Action Program (LEAP) will provide monthly professional development for assistant principals with a focus on qualitative 21st Century Leadership practices. This program is also designed to address the individual and collective developmental needs of designated participants in relationship to the human, conceptual, and technical skills essential for 21st Century leadership success.  Follow-up activities will ensure each participant develops administrative practices essential for school success.  The Masonboro Group of Wilmington, NC comes in on a monthly basis to conduct these invaluable trainings for the district. Attendance at these sessions are mandatory unless your absence is approved by Human Resources.


Please note that all sessions will begin at 8:30 AM and will end at 4:00 PM. 


*2016-2017 Session Dates:

September 20 (Central Services Board Room)

October 19 (Central Services Board Room)

November 28 (New Bern High School Media Center)

December 15 (Central Services Board Room)

January 10 (Central Services Board Room)

February 9 (Central Services Board Room)

March 23 (Central Services Board Room)

April 4 (Central Services Board Room)

May 4 (Central Services Board Room)