Superintendent & Cabinet



Craven County Students, Parents, and Community:

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to an exciting 2016-2017 school year! If you have been around our community this summer surely you have heard about all of the wonderful accomplishments
of Craven County Schools’ students, 2016 graduates, teachers, and staff members.  I am excited to begin my journey in Craven County with each one of you and I hope to be able to meet as many of you as I can this year as we work together to shape tomorrow’s leaders.

I have spent the summer getting to know the incredible staff of Craven County Schools and I am confident in saying that these professional educators are committed to your children. Our school leaders, teachers, and support staff have spent all summer preparing each school site and creating warm and inviting learning environments for our students.   Since the last day of school in early June, our staff members have participated in professional learning, have prepared school schedules, created and revised lessons, and serviced our bus fleet. Our maintenance professionals have painted and repaired our schools and returned them to top condition to ensure the safety and comfort of our children as they learn and grow under our care.  Learning did not stop this summer for many of our students either. Some of our students participated in summer reading camps, Governor’s School, Summer Ventures, interesting trips and experiences with families, athletics and many more enriching activities within Craven County and beyond.

The last year has been a year of transition and change. Our community, our students, and our staff rose to the occasion and had a phenomenal year. Student achievement in and out of the classroom continues to improve and exceed that of previous years. Our success is made possible by amazing community and parent support. We could not provide a great education to our students without all of our partners. As we begin the 2016-2017 school year I ask you to become more engaged in your child’s or neighborhood school. Our teachers are working daily to ensure that every student in our care is learning and thriving in our classrooms. Our teachers and students are more successful with your support whether by reading with your child every night, volunteering in a classroom, or simply communicating with your child’s teacher.  Support comes in many forms and we appreciate any and everything our parents do to support the work of our schools.

This publication is a valuable resource to help you navigate the school year with your child.  It has information about each school and our district. I hope it is helpful and you are able to refer to it throughout the school year. You can also receive regular updates about the Craven County School System from our website at through our Facebook page and through the many school social media accounts available to provide information about the activities and events occurring at each of our schools.

As I begin my first year in Craven County, I look forward to meeting with as many of you as possible and learning about each of our great schools. I am committed to the success of every student in Craven County and it will be my goal this year to learn more about how we can ensure that today’s learners become tomorrow’s leaders. Thank you to the Craven County Board of Education for allowing me to serve this wonderful community and its children.



Meghan S. Doyle, EdD


Meghan S. Doyle, EdD, Superintendent

Wayne Beasley, Assistant Superintendent Accountability & Technology Services

Dr. Cheryl Wilson, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

Dr. Wendy Miller, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

Denise Altman, Finance Officer

Jennifer Wagner, Director of Public Relations

Myra Flowers, Administrative Assistant to Superintendent