Superintendent & Cabinet



Thank you for your interest in Craven County Schools.  Whether you are a parent, student, community member, or potential newcomer to Craven County we hope you find the information you need on our new website.  As you navigate, you will discover that we have a very dynamic school system with outstanding educational opportunities for all.  It is our vision that Craven County Schools will nurture “Today’s Learners into Tomorrow’s Leaders”.

We are very proud of our school system and the accomplishments of our students and staff.  There are many stories of student success reached through hard work, determination and commitment.  Many of these achievements are made possible because of our dedicated and caring staff.  On a daily basis we witness students and teachers working together to reach goals while at the same time they are learning from each other.  Some of these life lessons are learned outside the classroom, through a coach, volunteer, or mentor, whatever the impact may be we have an outstanding story to tell.

The ultimate goal for our system is for our students to be prepared with the necessary skills to be career and college ready. The state of North Carolina is embarking on new territory with the Common Core Curriculum and Essential Standards.  As we transition together, we realize students will be more engaged in their learning while being required to be critical thinkers through project-based learning.   Testing in Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics will be aligned to these new standards and will be administered for the first time in May 2013. Other subject areas will be aligned with the state’s Essential Standards and students will continue to showcase their knowledge through the End of Grade (EOG)/End of Course(EOC) exams.

With a new curriculum comes a new accountability model, the READY Accountability Model will ensure a more comprehensive picture of how well students are learning, and where we must make improvements. Results for our district will be available in the fall of 2013 and as soon as this information is available we will share our data.

For many, our website is the first interaction you will have Craven County Schools. Throughout our site you will find facts about the district and each school, as well as information from each department, programs, and important dates to remember.  If you have additional questions or need assistance regarding a specific topic please do not hesitate to call or email the contact listed.

We invite you to visit our schools to see our story first hand and observe the exceptional teaching and learning taking place on a daily basis. We encourage you to get involved, be a volunteer, attend an athletic event, go see our students perform in a concert or schedule a time to take a tour of any of our schools.  You are always welcome and our gracious students would be proud to show you around. Your support of our family of staff and students contributes to the success of all.  In Craven County Schools we are all “Today’s Learners…Tomorrow’s Leaders”.



Dr. Lane B. Mills


Dr. Meghan S. Doyle, Superintendent

Wayne Beasley, Assistant Superintendent Accountability & Technology Services

Dr. Cheryl Wilson, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

Dr. Wendy Miller, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

Glenn Reaves, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services

Denise Altman, Finance Officer

Jennifer Wagner, Director of Public Relations

Myra Flowers, Administrative Assistant to Superintendent