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We are the future. We are Havelock Trojans, as we continue to defy the odds.

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It’s a simple chant that rings out around the school and yet, there is a simplistic passion for our community and identity as a school hidden in those words.

We are Havelock because we support our community. Our many clubs and organizations volunteer at community events and feed some of our own struggling families. Our teachers and the administration have gone and continue to go to many churches and community centers in our area, such as Harlowe Community Chapel Church, to connect with our school families and community groups. This year, we started the first ever Parents and Community Teacher Organization at our school to give a voice to our stakeholders.

We are Trojans because we fight to overcome the adversities that are in this modern world and constantly attempts to bring us down. We are dedicated to the promise of a better tomorrow for our students. As the undefeated conference champs in football and our other sports successes, some might consider Havelock Middle a school for athletes. Yet, our bands and chorus continue to produce great artists, as we work in unison with Havelock High School to utilize our Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) focus in all subject areas we prepare students for the careers that await them past our doors. Trojans are given opportunities for success in many facets of their lives.

We are Havelock Trojans, as we continue to defy the odds.

We are a school of #weNOTme; a school dedicated to its community and students, above our own selfish desires.

We are the future.


William Byland


Havelock Middle School



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Vanceboro Farm Life participated in the Scholastic Reading Club Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive

vfl pj day


Vanceboro Farm Life Elementary School (VFL) participated in the ‘Scholastic Reading Club Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive’.  Vanceboro families purchased and donated new pajamas for children, teenagers, and adults. The pajamas are given to families in need- especially those living in shelters, group homes, foster care, and orphanages.  VFL collected and donated 84 pajama outfits!  Service projects are a great opportunity to teach empathy and invoke compassion. Even our youngest students learned that kindness can make a difference in our community.
The picture shows Mrs. Dahms’ first grade class with several of the pajama outfits. Mrs. Dahms’ organized the Pajama Drive at VFL and motivated students, parents, and teachers to donate.


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Grover C. Fields Middle spotlights Ms. Lori Sugg


On January 4, 2017 the Craven County Board of Education and Grover C. Fields Middle spotlighted a teacher for the awesome work she is doing within the Math/ Science department and throughout the school community. Mrs. Lori Sugg joined the Grover C. Fields Middle School in 2013. She is employed as a 6th Grade math/science teacher.  Since arriving at Grover C. Fields Middle School, the 6th grade math department has been the highest achieving department in the school. She was the missing piece to an already great math department. Her dedication, kindness, and nurturing personality are what capture her students. If anyone were to step into her classroom, they would find lots of interactive and facilitative instruction taking place. There are smiles on every student’s face because she makes learning challenging but amusing for the students.

Not only is Mrs. Sugg a leader in the classroom but she is also a leader in the school community. She is the sponsor for the Relay for Life club and she has recently decided to lead a group of students who want to form a club entitled “The Bully Busters.” Mrs. Sugg is a bright star everywhere she goes. The love and compassion that she holds for her students and colleagues is immeasurable.

 Mrs. Sugg’s favorite animal is an “owl.” An owl has broad wings with large surface areas that help them float and reduce noise caused by turbulence. Mrs. Sugg has silently stretched her arms out to many children that may live in a turbulent situation by making her classroom a warm, nurturing and safe place to learn. Congratulations Mrs. Sugg!


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What is Unified Champion Schools? by Mr. James Blanchard, New Bern High EC Teacher Assistant


Kyleigh Rossignol, bottom row center, works together with the NC and China Special Olympics youth representatives

Kyleigh Rossignol, bottom row center, works together with the NC and China Special Olympics youth representatives

New Bern High School is a proud participant in United Champion Schools. For those not familiar with the club, United Champion Schools, formerly known as Project Unify is a United States national project, funded by the U.S. Department of Education.  It is much more than a re-naming of existing school-based programs; rather, it is an innovative response to the unequivocal research that shows Special Olympics local programming can contribute to eradicating the social and environmental walls to inclusion.

Special Olympics believes that through sports young people can make a difference in friendships, schools and communities. Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools incorporates Special Olympics sports and related activities; however, Unified Champion Schools is committed to a movement advocating for youth as change agents now and in the future.

Unified Champion Schools initiatives include a host of core activities, like Spread the Word to End the Word®Unified Sports®Get Into It®Young Athletes® and more. With 38 active U.S. State programs, Unified Champion Schools is currently featured in over 1,700 schools and engaging more than 600,000 young people.

Being a Unified Champion School, means that New Bern High School offers a Unified Club, where students of all abilities can plan and participate in activities together that promote friendship and awareness about all students being more alike than different.  Special Olympics Unified Schools provides opportunities for young people of all abilities to be leaders in their schools and communities by promoting equality and acceptance. These leadership activities help students with and without intellectual disabilities find their voices by teaching them to become change agents striving for respect and inclusion.

James Blanchard, New Bern High United Champion Schools Liaison, submitted Kyleigh Rossignol, New Bern High 11th grade student and President of United Champion Schools, to be considered to serve on the Global Unified Youth Network.  New Bern High is proud to recognize that Miss Rossignol was selected to serve in this special capacity.  Her appointment on this network will enable her to be a leader for Special Olympics on a global scale, collaborate with other youth across the world, and expand her perspective as an agent of change for Special Olympics.

Miss Rossignol shares the positive impact this powerful opportunity has had on her life, “While in Raleigh I took part in the Global Unified Youth Exchange Leadership program. Twenty North Carolina students and athlete along with twenty Chinese students and athletes met and compared ideas on how we would change the lives and social involvement in our community. Our groups that we were put in will continue to work together throughout the entire year. We built our leadership skills while also learning to work as a team. We volunteered at the NC Fall Special Olympics and met so many great people who had the same image for the world as us, a world where a person with and intellectual disability is seen as equal to everybody else. The trip was life changing and I hope everyone gets the chance to have an experience like this the way I did at least once in their life.”

The Unified Club at New Bern High under the direction of Jan Fabian, Teacher Advisor, is excited to be involved with an organization where youth are creating an educational environment where respect and acceptance are the norm and all students feel included and engaged.
Author:  Mr. James Blanchard, New Bern High Exceptional Children Teacher Assistant



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Pizza Party prize awarded to Mrs. Enkey’s 3rd grade class from Bridgeton Elementary

SJ Article (3)

Mrs. Enkey’s 3rd grade class won a pizza party for donating the most items in Bridgeton Elementary’s Compassion Outreach Drive.

The students at Bridgeton Elementary have been in the spirit of giving since the beginning of the school year.

In October the school hosted a donations drive for those who were impacted by Hurricane Matthew. Students, families and members of our community were encouraged to donate food, water and household items. Our Bridgeton families and community showed up in a big way, bringing in items by the car load! The items were then loaded up by staff and volunteers and taken to West Craven Middle School where they were distributed to families in need.

In November, our school hosted another relief drive, where students were encouraged to bring in toiletry items to be donated to the local Compassion Outreach ministry of Antioch Church. This ministry is part of Antioch’s community outreach where they offer free clothing, food and household items to members of the Bridgeton community, often including some of our own students. Students brought in items that were stored in big boxes in the office. Each day, the students could see the boxes get more and more full.  The class that donated the most items enjoyed a pizza party hosted by Antioch.

Our school also participated in the candy drive sponsored by Dr. Rankin and Fiume Orthodontics in November. Students were encouraged to bring in their unwanted Halloween candy so it could be sent to members of the military serving overseas. Our school collected 43 pounds of candy to be donated.

December brings our Christmas elves into action, as our school helps the local community by asking families and staff to sponsor needy children for the holidays. We have two great volunteers that coordinate this special program every year. Those who agree to help are given an anonymous list from a child or family that needs support for Christmas. These lists include mostly toys and clothing items. We also have an “Angel Tree”  that supplements this program, where you can buy an angel ornament and the proceeds go directly to the purchase of gifts for these children.

The spirit of giving and these wonderful endeavors would not be possible without the tremendous support of our families, students and community. Because of this support,  our school was able to serve both our local and global communities.

Written by Amy Rains, Media Coordinator, Bridgeton Elementary




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Ms. Germaine Burns receives Ben D. Quinn teacher spotlight


BDQ Burns


On December 14, 2016, the Craven County Board of Education and Ben D. Quinn Elementary spotlighted someone who demonstrates amazing classroom management skills, works as a generous team player, and leads in community involvement.  This teacher is totally focused on student success and ways to meet her student’s needs.  She develops and applies strategies to make the curriculum rigorous and relevant.  She differentiates her instruction to meet the individual needs of all her students.  Her classroom is set up with cooperative teams so that the students learn to work together to solve problems.  This teamwork helps to improve their communication skills.  Her high expectations for all of her students is evidenced by her achievement of “High Growth” in EVAAS. Her growth scores were higher than the state average.

She continues to work as a teacher mentor, leads Title I Lunch & Learn programs for parents, and provides staff development in Mneuphonics and Secret Stories for faculty and staff.  She has been very instrumental in creating and organizing question stems for the school’s leveled bookroom and uploaded every title in Google Docs for teachers to plan Guided Reading activities.

In times of limited resources, she collaborates with several different outside agencies to improve campus beautification providing benches, picnic tables, and playground equipment for the students. Within these projects, she facilitates the collection of canned goods for RCS by encouraging students and staff to pay it forward.  A local boy scout troop is able to work towards their service badges through this community service project.  This builds a sense of community and family within the school.   Congratulations  Ms. Germaine Burns !


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A.H. Bangert, Ms. Martha Ann Patterson receives spotlight from Board

AHB Spotlight Patterson

On December 7,  2016 the Craven County Board of Education and A.H. Bangert Elementary

Spotlighted a  teacher who works with struggling or reluctant readers, and she always embodies a positive demeanor with her students.  The students LOVE going to see her!  While compassionate and empathetic toward students and whatever their situation may be, she also has high expectations and holds them accountable.  She plans rigorous reading plans that are research-based and data-driven, and she is always trying to better the students she teaches.  On a daily basis this teacher goes above and beyond to make sure that things run smoothly at our school. Everything she does, she does without complaining and with a smile on her face. She is the quiet backbone of our school community.

She works with a wide range of children through the Title 1 program, and she makes sure that she gets to know every one of them on a personal level.  The children that she teaches know that they are truly loved. We feel that there is no one else who is so dedicated to their job. She works on the data through mClass and meets with teachers to make sure they are working towards helping their students become successful. She helps teachers throughout the building daily without many people knowing. She quietly assists while never asking for or needing recognition. She organizes all types of events for Bangert and helps to get the community involved. Through our school Facebook, she keeps the school community involved in the activities and keeps the Trent Woods community informed by sharing articles and pictures about our school every month.   She always demonstrates a positive energy that is contagious to those around her. She loves Bangert and Bangert loves her. We would be very lost without her!

Congratulations to  Martha Ann Patterson as A.H. Bangert’s Board Spotlight teacher.



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Teacher Mindy Apple from Brinson Memorial receives spotlight

22306On November 30, 2016, the Craven County Board of Education and Brinson Memorial Elementary spotlighted Mrs. Mindy Apple, a teacher who goes out of her way to help the entire school community. Her love of teaching and her passion for her students is evident in all that she does. She strives to create engaging, imaginative, and inspiring lessons that connect students with the world at large. She integrates math and ELA content into her lessons, and thinks outside the box to provide her students with unique learning experiences. She uses her creativity to ignite her students and to make our school a more beautiful place. She’s a scheduling master, process princess, grant writer, painter, and website manager extraordinaire!

Thank you Mrs. Mindy Apple for your commitment to our school and our students. You are the apple of our eye!


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Board Spotlights Julie Lomont from W.J. Gurganus Elementary

wjg Julie Lomont



On November 16, 2016, the Craven County Board of Education and W.J. Gurganus Elementary spotlighted Mrs. Lomont, a teacher who spent sixteen years of her career teaching in Maryland. She often goes above and beyond to ensure that her students are engaged in lessons and are well prepared for assessments. Her use of hands-on teaching works well with all levels of students in her classroom. She does an excellent job utilizing parents as a support system in her classroom: often having weekly volunteers to help with projects and small group instruction. She has served as a Buddy Teacher for new teachers at WJG and has opened up her classroom numerous times to other teachers within the district to come observe and share her ideas. Mrs. Lomont also mentors and supports students outside of her grade level. She works with them to help ensure they have a successful and positive educational experience.
Mrs. Lomont has served on various committees during her career at WJG- grade chair, cabinet member, mentor, MTSS committee team, and district reading representative. Mrs. Lomont is often the first to volunteer to help out with special events held at school and spends a great deal of extra time after school planning to ensure their success. Mrs. Lomont often performs near the top of the district when looking at county assessments and EOG scores. She is a positive role model for both students and staff. Her energetic and charismatic attitude helps to create an amazing learning environment for her students. This positivity carries over into her peer relationships with fellow teachers and staff. She puts her students overall success ahead of everything else in her school day. Mrs. Julie Lomont truly deserves the honor of being the spotlight teacher for WJ Gurganus Elementary School.


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Project Linus at Brinson Memorial Elementary

Miss. Smith and Ms. Lassiter’s Class

Remember sweet Linus from Charlie Brown? He always carried his blanket with him wherever he went. It provided him with comfort and security. That is where the Project Linus came up with their name. The incredible organization donates blankets to children in need in Children’s Hospitals across the country, they encourage others to take the time to create and make blankets for those terminally ill children.

Ms. Lassiter was introduced to Project Linus through her sorority Tri Sigma. They support The Robbie Page Memorial and are part of Children’s Play Therapy Room At UNC Chapel Hill. When approached with the collaborative idea, Miss. Smith was right on board! Our one blanket project grew to a three blanket project and with the support of our Administration we took on the task of giving back during this time of giving and when better than your school’s 12 Days of Giving. Each year Brinson participates in a canned food drive that has become the 12 Days of Giving, each day is something different to support a local organization, from canned food to hard candy that can be sent to the troops overseas, the students are reminded of giving back and being thankful.

We decided to embark on a collaborative project between our two classes giving back to children in need. Three days out of the week our classes come together during recess to build relationships and social skills. It has been quite evident that our children enjoy spending time together. It is our belief, as well as our school’s, that we teach our students about selfless acts of service, compassion, and team building skills. We felt Project Linus would be the perfect opportunity to touch on each of those skills.


linus linus1 linus2


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